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Good evening, officer! Wait, what?
So, we're relaxing at home after work and a police officer knocks on our door... and hands us an accident report because somebody destroyed our mailbox.

Ok, maybe normally that wouldn't be so bad to deal with. Home insurance probably covers it, I'd guess? It would probably just take some phone calls and some time to get things worked out.

But in our case, we're leaving town on Friday for over a week, so time is in short supply. To make matters more complicated, our mailbox was actually mounted on a post shared with our neighbor, in their yard across the street. So in that case, whose post was it? For that matter, do residents ever "own" the post or does the post office? That's always been a confusing concept to me.

Well on the bright side at least we don't need to tell the post office to hold our mail while we're on vacation... they'll probably figure that out on their own when they try to deliver tomorrow's mail!

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Have your mail stopped at the post office starting today and then worry about it when you get back. :-)

Yeah, we did that. And our neighbor came over to tell us that she "has a guy" who can give her an estimate to put up a new post and everything just the way it was, so that's a relief... It sounds like we won't need to do anything and it might just be fixed by the time we get back!

You (or the other homeowner) own the post. The post office owns the box itself, even though you paid for it. Fortunately, the boxes are about $10 or $15 for the standard ones--you can get them at Home Depot or some hardware stores.

Good to know... Thanks!

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