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Jon Schmidt's "Road Trip" YouTube Video Contest
Help me get the most views by Sept 30 so I can win $100 and a complete set of music books or CDs! (Try not to check out the other videos more than once, or you're not helping me. ;) )

I'd probably choose the music books, to replace my bulging folder full of printed PDFs. I could also choose free concert tickets, but I'd have to travel far to see him, otherwise I'd have already gone.

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You should make a whole trip of going to see him! Also, viewed (2x - once as Me and once as Mike) and shared on Facebook. :-) Maybe it'll go viral!

Deciding to do something doesn't make it any cheaper. ;) I actually drove through UT last summer on the way to ID, but unfortunately I was in a rental car because mine broke down in WY so a spontaneous side trip to stalk Jon wasn't much of an option. :)

Thanks for the views!

Nifty! I'll spread the word! G'luck!

Thanks! Much appreciated. :)

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