Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

Emery Cat Learning Curve

So, we were grocery shopping at Wegmans yesterday and noticed a shelf full of Emery Cat boards. I've been so tempted to buy one when I've seen the ads on TV, because our cats are terrible about clawing everything. Tobey claws every vertical wooden surface he can find and we're always yelling at him.

So we threw an Emery Cat in our shopping cart and gave it a shot. I think the cats need an instruction manual though...

This morning the bell on the toy was already gone. Less than 24 hours! I reattached it tightly with some metal wire. Also, notice in the video how the bottom inch or two of the feathery toy is just a solid rod at one point... I think that's because Lina had it half-way down her esophagus. The catnip made her a little crazy.

They've been ignoring it most of today though. Apparently I failed to notice they had both written "SLEEP" across this entire day on their calendar.
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