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Emery Cat Learning Curve
So, we were grocery shopping at Wegmans yesterday and noticed a shelf full of Emery Cat boards. I've been so tempted to buy one when I've seen the ads on TV, because our cats are terrible about clawing everything. Tobey claws every vertical wooden surface he can find and we're always yelling at him.

So we threw an Emery Cat in our shopping cart and gave it a shot. I think the cats need an instruction manual though...

This morning the bell on the toy was already gone. Less than 24 hours! I reattached it tightly with some metal wire. Also, notice in the video how the bottom inch or two of the feathery toy is just a solid rod at one point... I think that's because Lina had it half-way down her esophagus. The catnip made her a little crazy.

They've been ignoring it most of today though. Apparently I failed to notice they had both written "SLEEP" across this entire day on their calendar.

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Weird coincidence: I also just bought this thing on Friday in Wegmans! Our two cats who like to scratch everything have not figured out what it's for yet either. I've yet to see either of them scratching it. They like the catnip, though, so they rub it and play with the bell toy. They sit on it. They stand on it. I've started picking up kitties scratching other things and putting them on it. Nothing.

Sooner or later they'll get it... right?

Ha! So funny... Well I guess Wegmans just decided to start carrying them recently, and it looks like that was a good decision. :)

I figure the best way to get them to use it will be for me to appear not to care. If I drag them over to it and put their paws on it, that'll just be a traumatic experience for them to associate with it. Maybe I should tell them it's an original Van Gogh so they better not touch it.

BTW I've also thought about getting a Slap Chop at Wegmans, so let me know when you're getting yours, OK? :-P

Edited at 2010-05-10 01:16 am (UTC)

We have another scratching post which is almost the same thing but without the emery overlay (and they scratch it all the time). I was thinking of switching their locations and seeing what happened. They may jump on it and scratch it by accident...

I've seen this on TV and I always wondered how the cats would know what to do... apparently they don't! Maybe you need to make them watch the commercial on repeat?

I think it just needs to happen the way they learn how to scratch anything else... Try it once and realize they like it. But that's assuming they like it.

Funny thing about the commercial though... It plays that cat crying sound while explaining the difficulty of clipping cat claws, and the first time our cats heard that they froze and popped their heads up looking for this distressed cat. :)

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