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Good thing I'm not an identity thief...
Chase mailed me a credit card offer, but when I opened the envelope, I found two offers inside... one for a neighbor down the street.

I'll be a good person and shred it, but this makes me wonder, how many people have received my offers? And how many of those people are bad people?

I'm not sure whether it's bad to waste the post office's resources or good to give them business. :)

Here's what annoys me about Chase though... They keep sending me offers but not a single one of them explains what Chase is. In terms of credit cards, what are they? Most stores accept a subset of VISA, MC, AmEx, and Discover. I've never seen a single store that mentioned Chase. So are they one of those four? If so, why don't they say that? And if not, how can they claim that they're accepted at so many places?

Total marketing fail.

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