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Massanutten 2009

Jamie and I have gone to Massanutten, VA in Nov for the past 4 years or so, but this was the first time with my new Panasonic Lumix GH1 camera. I assembled a bunch of photos and videos from the camera into this movie with a trial version of Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD.

The video shots are inspired by the style of the Sunrise Earch series on Discovery HD, in case anyone wonders why they're so boring. Incidentally, those static shots bring out the limitations of video compression, particularly where it sacrifices details in the foliage that's in shadow to give more detail to the high-contrast, rippling water.

In other news, car wouldn't start this morning. Turns out the battery was just dead, but we suck at jump-starting. Still, that wasn't the only problem (the aux power shuts off after 20 mins specifically so a dome light can't drain the battery, so something that's not aux drained it, most likely the electrical 4WD control that got stuck trying to change from auto-4WD to 2WD). So I got it towed to Patrick, a dealer within 1 mile of my house, and I'll let them have a stab at it instead of lugging it all the way out to the original dealer in Canandaigua like I've been doing for 10 years. I'm all for customer loyalty, but I have to draw a line, and that line is somewhere between here and Ontario County.

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