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LJ no longer supports going back more than 50 friends entries? What suckage... I guess I'll have to start reading more frequently. :-/

In other news, expected delivery of my GH1 on Monday! Woohoo! Now the question is... what do I do with the extra one? Since I pre-ordered at two stores, I was going to cancel the one that didn't ship first, but they both shipped the same day. D'oh!

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Works for me.

Try manually incrementing the counter if your theme is broke


Yeah, I did that. Only ?skip=25 works. ?skip=50 and above shows a blank page.


Maybe it's only a limitation on S1 themes. That would suck.

I think it is. They are trying to phase them out.

They'd better not! I don't have time to learn S2 and figure out my layout in it!!

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