Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

Welcome to Idaho

Driving into Idaho in our rental car was rough thanks to the incredibly uncomfortable seat murdering my back.  I had Jamie drive for a little while so I could lie back and rest my eyes a bit.  (Up until that point, I had done all the driving on the trip.)  Much of the drive is along a perfectly flat and straight road through a desert landscape between two mountains.  Puts you right to sleep.

Anyway, we were finally approaching Sun Valley, well after dark, and decided to stop at a rest stop.  While I waited in the car, the only light in the parking lot turned off (it was apparently motion-sensing because it turned on as we drove in) and when I looked up at the night sky, I saw the Milky Way.  I think that's the first time I ever saw it in person.

We arrived at the house in Sun Valley where my family was staying well after 11pm.  We were given the option of staying in a room with two twin beds and a shared bathroom, or a room at the fancy inn about a 5 min walk away.  We chose the inn.  We needed pampering at the end of that day.

So finally, yesterday we were able to relax here a little bit.  We came over to the house for some breakfast and met with all sorts of people from my mom's side of the family that I haven't seen in years (or in some cases ever).  We went out for lunch in the nearby town of Ketchum and found a place called Wrapcity, where I got a decent turkey club wrap.  We also went for a walk around the Sun Valley resort and my brother pointed out all the places I don't remember from being here as a child.  The only place I slightly remember is the outdoor ice rink where every time I skated around to where my parents were, I went toward the railing and caught myself on it.  Apparently I loved doing that.  I'm not sure if I remember that directly from experience or only from home movies I've seen of it.

In the evening, there was a free symphony orchestra performance in the nearby outdoor pavilion with lawn seating.  Apparently the orchestra is formed by inviting the first-chair players from orchestras all over the country, including two from the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.  They played Ode to Joy (the whole thing, I think), and it was most impressive.  I was also impressed with the pavilion's acoustics and sound engineering.  For the grass seating, they had a complex array of speakers up on poles facing both forward and back, so that no matter where you're sitting, it sounds like you're in the center of an auditorium.  But it's not totally fake-sounding, because you can still hear the direct sound from the stage as well.  Very well-done.
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