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Yay! Awesome weekend. Got to have lots of fun with great people. :) Sunday I went to Kathy's birthday party... her mom made some awesome spaghetti and wonderful apple pie. :) I tried out the piano, which she claimed was out of tune. But actually it was in nearly perfect tune! Just the tone and key action were crappy. :) But still it sounded great for any sort of ragtime. ;-)
Then later her mom requested that I play Happy Birthday on the piano for her before she opens her presents... Well, after a silly discussion about paying royalties for using that song (hehe) I went and tried to quickly think through the chords. That was the extent of my practice - just sitting there fingering the notes without playing them. I played through it and it wasn't any sort of special arrangement, just full-sounding chords, which makes it sound impressive I guess. Screwed up a few chords, but as if anybody cares... :) When I finished, Kathy's relatives said "That's some quality piano playing he's giving you there - TWO HANDS!!!" as everyone chuckles... I'm such a show-off. :)

Then after some Playstation games, we went out to go bowling... I got 106. Not that great, I know. But I had fun. Then we decided to go to Denny's for something to eat - by then it was 11pm. I got breakfast. :) Then I drove myself and a friend home... by the thruway... which of course failed to read my E-ZPass. hehehe

And now it's nearly 3am and I'm gonna get 2 or 3 hours sleep at most. *sigh* What a way to start my last week at my job.
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