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Welcome to Utah
We were driving our rental car through Utah, heading toward Idaho, when we approached a work zone on a road that was winding its way next to a river between mountains. The tanker truck in front of us slowed down more and more and then finally came to a stop when a patrol vehicle put its flashing lights on and stopped, blocking the road. After a few minutes, the trucker behind us got out and walked forward to talk to the trucker in front of us. Meanwhile, another patrol vehicle had stopped traffic in the other direction as well, leaving a clearing in the road. As the trucker walked back, I rolled down my window to ask what was going on, but before I could ask, he pointed up at the sky behind us. I stuck my head out and looked up to see a life flight helicopter approaching the scene. Keep in mind, this is a road winding between steep rock-faced cliffs. This helicopter just swooped around in front of us and landed on the road in front of the stopped patrol vehicle!

As the helicopter landed, the trucker told me what was going on.  In the river next to the road, someone had been canoeing, rolled over and hit their head on the rocks, was unconscious, and receiving CPR.  Suddenly our car problems didn't seem quite so bad!  We sat in our car hoping everything turns out ok for that person, and appreciating life.  We grew more concerned with every minute the helicopter remained on the road.  It ended up staying there for about 20 minutes.  I don't know if they put anyone inside because I couldn't see that door from my position.  I thought it would be insensitive to shoot photos of video of someone in their life-threatening situation, but since I couldn't see anybody, I wanted to have a record of this helicopter on the roadway since it was clearly going to be a memorable part of our trip.  I shot video of it taking off and flying over my head, but tha'ts on my mini-DV camera and I don't have a cable to download that to our laptop, so I won't be able to share that until I get home.

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Wow, eventful! I hope the person is okay! Where in Idaho are you headed?

Also, the northern part of Utah is creepy. My brother got bothered by some random dudes in a parking lot outside a grocery store about dressing "like a black person" (on the way from SLC to Montpeleir, ID)... and they told him he better be careful 'cause they don't like them folk up there. Oi if I could remember the town we were in, I'll have to ask him. We had just stopped off for some lunch.

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