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Today is the reason 6 is afraid of 7.  :)

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What are you doing at 12:34:56 this afternoon?

If I recall correctly, I was tracing the same circle on a piece of paper over and over while pondering the universe.

:) Actually I was eating Cheesecake Factory leftovers at my desk. But the plate was round!


You so silly :)
Did I ever tell you about the first time Dominic told us that joke? He was so proud that he told a joke that we actually laughed at--he was very young and most of his jokes before that made no sense. Anyway, he'd heard it on some tv show and repeated it to us. We laughed, and so he got all excited and told us another joke! It went something like this: "why is eleven afraid of seventeen? Because of three hundred and eighty five!!!" or something to that effect. It proved to us that he hadn't actually understood the original joke, but it was so hilarious in its complete misunderstanding that we laughed even harder. Ha.

LOL yeah, actually I do remember hearing about that at some point. Actually I wonder if Dominic was making a different kind of joke... After all, what's the difference between 789 and 385? ;)

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