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Happy Fourth!
Mine was spent with Jamie's family at her parents' place in Treasure Lake. They have a decent fireworks display over the lake, and I got a prime spot on the shore (not that they were hard to come by) to set up my tripod for some sweet pics. Don't worry, I looked up most of the time and just pressed the shutter when the sky looked awesome. :)

From Treasure Lake Fireworks July 4 2009

The day before, her dad took us out on the lake on his boat. Jamie's aunt Beth was there too, and she had a death grip on my wrist for much of the ride. I guess she doesn't like sitting in the rear backwards-facing seats while the boat is tilted up 40° and looking down at the motor shredding the water. :) Turns out we had the better seats though, as Jamie and her sister were in the bow seats and got the amusement park white water rapids ride treatment as we hit someone else's wake in an unfortunate way. Then to add insult to injury, as we returned to the dock, apparently we were headed straight into a steady wind, and even at low speed it was blowing spray in some way that wrapped around and over the bow, showering the entire length of the boat. None of us were dressed to get wet.

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Awesome pictures! Is that with your new camera, I am guessing?

Sounds like they need a "you WILL get wet on this ride" sign. :-P

I wish... No, same old camera. It can do up to 8-second exposures... Put any camera that can do that on a tripod and you'll do fine for fireworks. The main benefit of my new camera here would have been higher resolution and less noise. Possibly wider angle of view.

Last I heard, someone who had pre-ordered their GH1 in early June (whereas I pre-ordered mine in late June) was told their order had been pushed back to August. *sigh* No official word from Panasonic though. I don't know if that person pre-ordered from the same store I did, but I haven't heard anything about my order.

Ahhh tripod. My camera has a fireworks setting, but no tripod for me (my sister had it last... I may never see it again), so they were still all crazy looking.

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