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Overheard at the workplace

*bang* *bang* *bang*
Aww, not now...
*bang* *bang*
Aw man, keyboard died...
*bang* *bang* *bang*
Yup, it's dead.  Oh man.
*bang* *bang* *bang* *bang*
Oh what timing...  Maybe this time...
*bang* *bang* *bang*
Nope!  Heh, it's gone.  Wow.
*bang* *bang* *bang*
I can't believe it.
*bang* *bang* *bang* *bang*
Great.  Just wonderful.
You've gotta be kidding me!
Son of a bitch!
(Cube-Neighbor): Why don't you try rebooting?
I was just hoping to finish this sentence.
Nah, it's just not...
*bang* *bang* bang* *bang*
I dunno, I'll just have to lose it all.  Dammit.
This is probably I why it wouldn't take my password this morning, if the keyboard's dying...
*tap* *tap* *tap* *bang* *BANG*
Yup, that's it, 'invalid password'
*bang* *bang* *bang*
Yup, A's not working and L's not working...
Ah, there it goes, it only works if I hit it really hard.  Let's see...  F...  R...  A-oops...  A-dammit...  A...
*rest of password mumbled out loud*
Finally...  This is ridiculous.  I need a new keyboard.

*walks away, returns a few minutes later*

Alright, let's hope this one works.
*working around behind PC*
I think that's the right one.  I hope it is, I dunno.
*tap* *tap* *bang* *bang* *BANG*
NOPE!  Wow.  And now the mouse is gone.
*bang* *bang* *swisha-swisha-swisha* *click* *CLICK*
*bang* *BANG* *swisha* *CLICK*
Just great.  No keyboard AND no mouse.  What a way to start the day.