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Fun times...
Woohoo! I just love spending time with friends. :) We ate at the Olive Garden tonight, and then went bowling for 3 games (6 of us on one lane, so it lasted a while). After a little while they turned on the loud music, but they didn't turn on the cool party lights before we left. :( I could see them hanging from the ceiling... taunting me. I want some! Hehe... yes... I'm aware they cost like $5000 each. Oh well.

Then 5 of us went to Kathy's place to watch a movie. Of course she made us some awesome popcorn. :) And we bought stuff to make root beer floats, but I guess Mike and I were the only ones who thought that was a good idea. Oh well. The movie we watched was Girl, Interrupted... it was ok. I probably would've appreciated it more if I wasn't so tired. I was just waiting for it to be over. That's the worst way to watch a movie. :(

Ok now... off to bed... never to rise... hehe... well ok I'll rise, just very late. I need sleep so bad. C-ya!


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