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Happy New Year!
And with it, some happy news to share. :)

Jamie was kind enough to remove this from her finger long enough for me to take some pictures. She's been wearing it for almost 2 weeks now, actually, so it didn't just happen tonight, but in true slacker fashion, I'm just now getting around to updating my LiveJournal. :)

We've felt engaged ever since buying the house together, really, so we're just making it official now. No big fancy proposal on one knee or anything... We picked out a ring together, and went back together a week later (plus an extra day of waiting thanks to some snow) to pick it up.

No date set for a wedding yet, either, but we're pretty sure we just want a JP ceremony at town hall. Neither of us likes being the center of attention, so a big fancy wedding just doesn't make sense.

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Aw. Another one bites the dust! ;)

Congrats! :)

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! :-D (Officially) Congratulations! :-D

Congratulations! The ring is beautiful! How about a happy couple picture to boot? :-)

Thanks! And congrats to yourself, too. :) Might have to wait on the happy couple picture though... We're being lazy today and in no condition for photos. :-P But I think my mom snapped some shots of us at the family Christmas gathering, albeit probably with my mouth full of cookies. But if she sends it to me and it's decent, I'll share it. :)

Woohoo!!!! Congratulations, and that is a beautiful ring :)

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