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RIT Hockey
RIT 6, Mercyhurst 2 last night.

Yes, the win was nice, but I was especially happy to see STICK BOY there!!!

Jamie and I didn't sit in the Corner Crew (we haven't been lately, because it's over-crowded with students now and we feel out of place, plus last night Jamie could only stay for 2 periods) so we didn't get to hear whatever he and the other senior members of the crew may have said about why he was there or how long he would be in town. We certainly heard him bang his stick though, and nobody does it as well. :)

We're definitely going to try to sit in or near the Corner tonight, on the assumption that Stick Boy is in town for the weekend.

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Was Stick Boy before your time? I didn't have my camera with me, but Ryan took some pictures of him 7 years ago (posted to the Corner Crew Yahoo group here) before he moved down south. We haven't see him since, I don't think... maybe he made a rare appearance at a game or two. I consider him the last real leader of the crew, unless you count Cowboy, but to me he didn't compare. In a way it was sad seeing Stick Boy there at this weekend's games though, because I'm pretty sure he didn't know anybody in the first 6 rows of the Crew. Back when he did, obviously he was more interactive, which is what made him such a great leader (aside from knowing how to properly bang a stick, complete with flying splinters).

Anyway, he was at the game again last night (RIT 5-3), and we also got to see his baby, sporting a jersey with "Stick Baby" lettered on the back. :)

He wasn't before my time... just miss him and hockey. :-)

YAY for stick baby!

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