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Hehehehehe... I'm posting this entry from the CyberXpo booth in the food court at EastView Mall. The keyboards on these terminals suck. But oh well... most people who use this thing only use the mouse and can't touch-type anyway.

Also - check this out - I won something!!! Hehe - I opened my bottle of Kiwi-Strawberry Snapple and looked under the cap and it said "WINNER" - I won 2 free Snapples! Hehe... well, maybe there's a high probability of winning that - who knows. Still made me feel good. :)

Ok, better head back to work now...

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Just right, one for you and one for a friend - (hint, hint :-) ). Congrats! Maybe you should buy a lotto ticket today.

Re: You're a winner!

Yeah, normally I would just stand out in the parking lot and try to get hit by lightning, but since I'm obviously feeling more lucky today, I think I'll take a step up and play the lottery!


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