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I'm on Vacation!
...although it hasn't felt like it yet.

I left work in a rush to get home in time to eat dinner quickly before heading over to the RIT hockey game. Well, I tried to rush, at least, but traffic had other plans. Seriously, a 2-city-block stretch of road I could usually fly down during rush hour was a parking lot today, for no apparent reason, so it took me 20 mins to get through.

Jamie had been equally busy today going out grocery shopping for a few things we need before we leave, and heating up my leftover pizza so it would be ready for me when I got home from work.

We finally made it to the hockey game, but then after the 1st period we weren't feeling well, so we left with the Tigers up 2-0 and listened to the rest of the game on the radio from home (they ended up winning 5-1, scoring exactly 5 goals against Holy Cross for the 6th game in a row). Since we didn't plan on being home tonight, we didn't have any candy to give out to trick-or-treaters, so we left our lights off and tried to appear not home, but one group of kids still rang our bell. That was awkward. :(

Speaking of Halloween, Happy Birthday to my brother and my boss! Unfortunately I have to miss my brother's Halloween party because of my vacation. But at work today, one of the engineers cooked a Thanksgiving-style feast for lunch, which was awesome. There was even pumpkin pie. Jamie hates me for that. :)

Anyway, tomorrow we hit the road toward Massanutten, VA. Hopefully we'll get to relax a bunch at the time-share there, but we might volunteer for a get-out-the-vote effort in the area on the 4th (we already voted absentee here), and probably also take a short trip to visit Jamie's grandparents' graves one day, and maybe a day-trip to DC another day to visit some of Jamie's WoW friends and generally tour DC if we feel up to it. The rest of the time we'll just chill out, play Wii, eat and sleep. Ahhhh. On the way home next Saturday, we'll be paying tenthz a visit... (and I understand she'll serve lunch!)

And then it's back to the grind. But at least then we'll know who the next president will be. I hope.

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Any diet restrictions other than no cheese?

Hmm, Jamie might kill you if there's any ginger, peaches, carrots, shredded lettuce, fish, peas, or anything Chinese. For me it's mushrooms, raw tomatoes, olives, and anything with a high work-to-food ratio. :) Good luck!

Excellent. I know what I"m making. :D

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