Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

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RIT Hockey

I watched the end of the first home game of the season live on TV... 5 minutes from the arena. Why? Sold out before the box office even opened. At least we got our season tickets while we were there though. But even that was an ordeal... We had no cash, but only the cash-only box office had season tickets, and the cash/credit box office was closed. But we caught a staff member peaking his head in the door and he was able to run our credit card at the closed box office and give us a receipt to take to the cash-only box office, where we got to wait for their ticket machine to print out 34 tickets at 0.3 tickets per second. The sad part was that the batch of tickets included tonight's game, but they got pulled from the stack before it was handed over to us. :( Glad we won't need to worry about sell-outs for the rest of the season now.
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