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My quads are useless lumps of meat.

Over the weekend, Jamie and I sealed our deck. We started on the railing Saturday afternoon. I started on the outside of one end and Jamie started on the inside of the other. My side involved a lot of squatting and standing back up. We didn't even finish the railing before it got too dark, so we continued Sunday morning. Once the railing was done, doing the deck surface with a roller took almost no time at all.

But man, Sunday night and today, I'm feeling the effects of all that squatting. I can't walk down stairs without bracing my arms against the walls and going semi-diagonally. I also apparently can't stop myself from falling backwards by shifting weight to my heals. Those actions, and many others I've discovered lately, require functional quads. :)

I'll post pictures of the awesome deck later. The nice look is just a bonus though. We were really worried what kind of water damage it would get this winter if we didn't get it sealed.