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'Everyday' Pet Peeve
Poll #1271174 Everyday

Which of the following are correct uses of the single world 'everyday'?

I get a headache almost everyday.
Let me give you an everyday example.
Everyday chores are a pain.
Everyday I see you it puts a smile on my face.
Our world is changing. Everyday. *

Which language function does the single word 'everyday' serve?


* This was used in a commercial by News 10 NBC.

[Edit: Typo in first question... should be "single word", not "single world".]

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The one that bugs me is when people use "whenever" instead of "when"... *twitch*

A good friend of mine does this and inside it drives me just a little bit crazy. She's really smart, too, and it's not like she's just ill-educated or something. I think it's a regionalism from where she grew up, most likely. But still... "when" and "whenever" are not synonyms!

No kidding. Say... whenever is your wedding? :)

Oops, everyday chores too.

Nice! I definitely like them because I can keep an eye on the prices of things and bag my items just the way I want them. And in reusable bags. YAY Self-check.

I don't like it because inevitably something will go wrong, and then you have to call someone over and it takes them ten minutes to get there, and by then the person behind you wants your head. Pain in the drain. Plus I always feel rushed even if nothing does go wrong, and that makes me pay *less* attention to prices. Moral of the story - I avoid them. :-p

huh, interesting! They stores around here that have them have between 2-8 stations with a designated "helper" for every 2-4 depending on the store. There's always someone there. If I have a bunch of coupons, I will go through a regular line.

I use them if I have only several items actually. I also typically use a gift card (Gm gave me a crazy number of them for my bday) and sometimes it can be scanned like a debit/credit card, and sometimes not. Weird.

I don't like them because of people like you. :-P

Just kidding... you at least have the sense to avoid them. I manage to get stuck behind people who insist on using them even though they have 47 items (hello, it's marked as an EXPRESS lane!), can't handle the concept of a barcode scanner, and don't seem capable of reading the simple instructions for making payment, or use cash, either of which takes way too long.

Unfortunately at Walmart it's still faster than finding an open staffed lane.

I know Wegmans will do it much better than Walmart though... They'll have competent management people who can step in when they see a problem/idiot; the same sensible managers who occasionally break the rules to keep customers happy when there are 5 empty express lanes and only over-item customers needing to check out.

haha. Agree about Walmart. I'd definitely use them there. I bet Wegman's will do it well too. :)

At my grocery store there's some check yourself out's for express and some for for regular amounts. But I only use the express ones.

Actually, it's a little tougher to use reusable bags in the self checkout lanes because the bags have enough weight that they register on the scales on the machines.

I think the Acme Markets near me have upgraded their software and now have a button that says "I'm using my own bags" to correct that.

All of ours have that lovely my-own-bags button. We are totally on the cutting edge of the self-check.

It can be used as a noun or an adjective. I just double checked.


Interesting... but I can sort of understand that noun definition. It's sort of like a weekday by name... "These dishes are for Sunday, but those dishes are for everyday." That's not the usage that annoys me though... In fact I've never even heard it before.

The usage that annoys me is when people treat it like an adverb, describing the way (frequency) that an action (verb) is done. "I brush my teeth slowly. I brush my teeth everyday."

Although now that I've written that, I realize that the noun definition works there... dammit! Well I guess it's better than "I brush my teeth Sunday." :)

Oops, wasn't logged in... That was me.

I thought that sounded like you!

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