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I decided to watch Survivor tonight for the first time for some insane reason. This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. (Well, aside from everything ham has ever said.) But at least I can say that having seen it now instead of it just being a gut feeling or word-of-mouth opinion.

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I for some strange reason decided to watch tonight too and I have to agree... ugh.

Though if done differently it would have at least been an interesting experiment in social psychology-- but the way it was done and presented its rubbish.

Least we can say we watched it. I was tired of hearing about it from everyone and then at work today it was almost like I was some sort of freak because I've not watched it.

I shouldn't have bothered. :)


Yeah. Well I will admit that Kelly kinda grew on me... :) Good-looking, and she won both the mud bucket thing and the immunity challenge so she's obviously smart... But the show still sucks as a whole. I only kept watching because of Kelly. Hehe.

I only finished so I wouldn't have to wait to hear who got voted off in the morning (the morning radio program I listen to on the way to work goes on and on and on about it) Though Rudy cracks me up-- they always have a soundbite from him on the radio- and I have to admit he was the reason that I watched- just to see him and Richard "Mr. Naked Guy" at least once. My luck it'll be the question everyone brings up in ten years-- "remember the summer of survivor---" ugh...

Rudy - was that the old guy whose answer to every question in the challenge was "I dunno..."? I thought he should've gotten the boot. What an idiot. I didn't see anything wrong with Sean. Oh well. Oh look, it sounds like I'm all caught up in the show now. I'm NOT! Haha! The fact that I think the wrong person got booted just verifies my statement that I think the show sucks.

The fact that Rudy's still on there absolutely amazes me. He's like Mr. Anti-drama. I would not be shocked to see him win-- with all the alliance junk overlooking him--- *shrug* but yeah- he's the old man. At least he's up front and honest-- and some of the things he's said in the sound bites cracks me up. Kelly is wanted where I live btw, for credit card stealing or something screwy-- she's from this area.

Did you leave it on for Big Brother? Do you have AIM btw? If you'd like to chat look me up - Kierstenjk

Aww, I knew Kelly must've been too good to be true. Oh well. No reason to watch anymore. :)

Where do they GET these show ideas?

And the people to be on them? Hehe, if they want that kind of "reality" stuff, all they have to do is a little surfing and come across LJ and start reading. Or hit some of the cam sites. Maybe a combination of the two.

The truth IS out there. Usually WAY out there...

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