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Someone suggested I let the LJ world know what's happened in my life during the 20 years since my last update.

Well OK. :)

I'll do this in reverse so I can just stop when my memory is too foggy to write anything more. This morning Jamie and I are getting ready to drive 4 hours to my brother's house for my niece's first birthday. We'll stay there tonight and leave shortly after the birthday party tomorrow. Jamie has never seen their house. This is also the last time I'll see my parents before they leave on a 2-week road trip.

Yesterday at work was grill day, as is usually the case on Fridays. Everyone was in the kitchen when the company owner called from CA where he'd been all week, asking to talk to Tom. Tom picked up the call at the phone in the kitchen area where everyone was eating and walked around the corner to talk to Ken. Don got up and walked over to the base of the phone, which Tom could no longer see, and started randomly hitting the mute button. Most of the time Tom's side of the conversation was just short "yup", "uh-huh", etc., so Don waited for him to start saying something longer, then muted about 15 words of it, and then allowed the last 5 words to get through. The conversation continued as if nothing had happened. Scientific conclusion: the owner of the company only listens to 25% of what anyone says. :)

Ok, I might not get very far with this update because we need to start getting ready to hit the road, but I'll try to squeeze in one more anecdote...

Over dinner on Thursday Jamie and I got talking about doctor's visits and how they weigh you on the balance-style scale. I pointed out how it sucks to be just over the threshold where they need to slide the small weight all the way back and and then move the bigger weight over one more notch. Jamie agreed. Much hilarity ensued, dramatizing the moment in a stand-up-comedy sort of way. "No! You didn't move the small one over all the way! It would have balanced! Why did you ASSUME I weigh more than the rest of the small weight can adjust?" I guess you had to be there.

Ok, I need to get ready to go now. Better than no update at all though, I hope.
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