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To Whom It May Concern
To the person who left his or her unlocked black Oldsmobile Bravada parked next to my black GMC Jimmy at the Wegmans on Hylan Dr to trick me on my way back from the cart return:

You're lucky I'm a moral person.  :)

I got as far as opening the driver door and noticing the wrong-colored interior and absence of Jamie.

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That reminds me of something funny that happened a few months ago:

I had just gotten back into my car at about 1am after leaving a club. Fortunately in downtown Cleveland I lock my doors as soon as I get in, because as I was getting my seatbelt on and getting the GPS out of hiding and so on, some drunk lady tried to open the back door of my car to get in. It took her a minute of yanking on the handle to realize she had the wrong car. The group of people with her (who had continued walking, not realizing at first that she'd stopped) all started teasing her mercilessly. Heh.

That reminds me of something that happened as I left work the other day...

As I approached the first intersection, I saw a woman and her son of maybe 4 or 5 talking to the driver of the car head of me. That car then pulled away, and the woman and her son waved me down. I rolled down my window and she proceeded to beg me for $1 for gas. Yeah, $1 won't get you far these days, but get this: she said she's trying to get to Batavia, which is 40 miles away!

I told her I didn't have any cash on me, which was true (except for some coins in my center console), and she walked towards the car behind me.

I wonder how far she got.

I'd bet she and her son could walk to Batavia faster than it would take to get enough $1 hand-outs for the gas to drive there.

Wow, was Jamie witness to that, or did she miss it? lol.

I've done something similar with a hotel room, but not a car. Glad you weren't caught! :)

She apparently didn't notice my little detour, despite waiting for me one parking space away, but I was sure to share the tale with her. :)

Did they leave the keys too? I'm always careful not to park near cars that are like mine because I'm afraid some old senile person will try to do that to me. But I lock my doors.

I didn't see if they left the keys. And I lock my doors too, but in this case I had already unlocked them and unloaded my groceries into the back, so after I dropped off the cart at the cart return, my subconscious mission was to return to a black 2000-ish mid-size SUV with an unlocked door, but in this case that wasn't specific enough. :)

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