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Jumping in...
Haha! I saw someone else do this in her journal and I just had to try it...

What's on my desk:
A 15-inch monitor that's currently showing the display from a system I use to access my queue of support tickets, a keyboard and mouse currently controlling said system, an A/B switchbox to toggle between using the 15" monitor for said system and another input used for troubleshooting machines, a power strip that powers said system, three external USRobotics Sportster modems, only one of which is being used by said system, three issues of the Victor/Farmington Edition of The Town Crier, a pad of custom Post-it Notes, a notepad with a tiny wooden pallet base from Staples Delivery, a roll of electrical tape, a bottle of white-out, a floppy disk, a box of Comptia A+ Flash Cards, 3 pens, 1 mechanical pencil, a 14% full bottle of Slice, its cap, the cap to a bottle of Mt. Dew worth 5 music points, a spiral notepad, Swingline stapler, Bates stapler, 3-hole punch, Scotch tape dispenser, a Post-it Note with doodles on it, another pad of Post-it Notes, a tiny Post-it Note with contact info on it, a pad of those tiny Post-it Notes, some guy's business card, 2 CD's of company software, a Comptia A+ Exam Cram CD, several printouts of building plots used for various projects, a letter from the IT Undergraduate Program Coordinator telling me my diploma will be held up until I complete the 14 specified credits, an RIT Schedule of Courses for Fall 2000-2001, a Health Valley low-fat Strawberry Tart I brought as a snack today but never got around to eating, my Meridian phone with no waiting voicemail, a Plantronics headset adapter for said phone which I use when on long calls or when I need my hands free, the headset for said adapter, user guide for said adapter, a Dell Optiplex GXa machine which I'm using right now, a 17" monitor for said machine, a keyboard and mouse for said machine, mousepad for said mouse, headphones for said computer, the plastic display bezel I removed from a user's Dell Latitude laptop in order to give him a new display latch and bezel - to the back of which I have taped a piece of paper on which I drew some pencil artwork one day when I was bored, a little dust here and there, and some condensation from the bottle of my now 12%-full bottle of Slice.

What's on YOUR desk? Hehehehe...

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your desk has more mass on top of it that mine =) hehe

Actually that's a good thing, because the company who set up our cubicle walls was afraid our wall would fall over since there's nothing behind it or connected to it - it's just a single straight wall with wings and a desk on only one side... so they told us to put lots of heavy stuff on the desk so it won't tip over into the hallway. ;-)

I'm suddenly reminded of Office Space...

(Yes I work in a cubicle farm, but my job is supporting the users in it, not being one myself. :-P )

This should be interesting... hmmm... Two blankets.. a sheet.. two little pillows... modem cables... AC adapter cables... ME... two kittens curled up together... and a laptop... Oh right.. I don't have a desk.. I'm sitting on the couch!

Well then you have to list the contents of your desk in 328 RK. C'mon, show us that photographic memory! hehehe

Well.. I don't really remember what was on it back in may... but I'm certain that by now its totally covered in my mail. I'll let you know tomorrow (if I ever finish sorting it!)

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