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RIT 5, Holy Cross 4

Hmm, I could swear I was registered on the USCHO forums. Maybe they purge inactive users.

Oh well, I wanted to post about the Holy Cross goal that crossed the line after the buzzer at the end of the second period. A Holy Cross player shot the puck from near the blue line before the buzzer sounded, but as is was traveling toward the net, the buzzer sounded and the green lights came on, then the puck crossed the line into the goal. The goal judge never (had a chance to) light the red lamps. After some discussion on the ice, the ref allowed the goal and had it recorded at the 19:59 mark.

I know (I think?) in basketball if the ball is shot at the basket and the buzzer sounds while it's in the air, the basket still counts even if the ball goes in after the buzzer. But that's because no other player has a chance to make any play on the ball before it gets there anyway. In hockey, that's not the case. The goalie has a chance to make a save. However, wouldn't it be illegal for the goalie to "play the puck" by making a save after the buzzer has sounded? Therefore my suspicion was that the rules would not allow the goal.

So when I got home after the game I looked up the NCAA rulebook online. Sure enough, Rule 6, Section 18:

c. A goal shall not be allowed in any of the following cases:
9. If the puck entered the net after an on-ice official (by blowing the whistle) or timekeeper has signaled play to stop;

(bolding mine)

Thankfully we won in overtime anyway. But according to the rule book, it should have been a 4-3 win in regulation.

What an intense overtime period though... Instead of 5 minutes of sudden-death, we had to endure over 15!
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