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Hockey Tickets... Check!

RIT 5, Bentley 2

When Matt & Theresa got there they told us that they just got their tickets for the quarterfinals. What?! Apparently they were selling them at the ticket windows. So Jamie went back out to get our tickets.

While she was up, she noticed the table just inside the door where they were also selling tickets for the semifinals at Blue Cross Arena. We've been desperately waiting for them to have that table there again because it would cost us $20 in fees to get them from Ticketbastard. But she didn't have enough cash to get BOTH the quarterfinals and semifinals tickets, so she had to go to an ATM elsewhere on campus (fortunately able to stay in the tunnels since it was snowing pretty heavily tonight) and come back to buy the semifinals tickets.

THEN, during one of the breaks between periods, one of the senior Corner Crew members announced that he had a bunch of free tickets to tomorrow's game for anyone who wanted them, so we got those too!

So now we're all set for tickets for the rest of the regular season as well as the playoffs... Except for the possible 3rd game of the best-of-three quarterfinals, which hopefully we won't need to play, but if we do the tickets won't be for sale until the prior evening anyway.

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