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Happy Leap Day!

I figured I might be able to increase my posting rate on here if I commit to writing an entry every February 29th. How sad is that? :)

Not that I have anything to actually say here, which is perhaps even sadder.

Mostly, Jamie and I have just been relaxing lately after having finished our final steps of Phase 1 of our house updates by painting the master bedroom. (Plus we were both sick off and on for a while on top of that.) Someday we need to take more update pictures for the before/after effect so I can post those. We also need to invite more people over. So far we've just had immediate family, one neighbor, Jamie's aunts, and a gathering of her sister's in-laws for her son's "welcome-to-the-world" party.

We've also been following the primaries and debates. I've never been much into politics, but I sure am now. It's difficult to tell whether I would have gained an interest in it anyway due to changes in the world, or if I'm mostly just following Jamie's lead. Maybe it's a little of both. In any case, I was very impressed with the first Democratic debate I watched. These aren't politicians as I've learned to think of them. They're actually decent people with brains. Their responses were always very well thought-out, and even with the questions that make me think 'how will they ever answer such a leading, unfair question?' they manage to give the perfect response that I never would have thought of on the spot like that. Jamie and I both feel that either Democratic candidate would make a great president, but we both like Obama way better, thanks to Clinton's crazy self-centered campaign methods. Suing the Texas Democratic Party over voting/caucus methods that have been in place for decades? Come on. Did it ever occur to you that if those established methods favor your opponent, maybe that means you don't have the qualities of a candidate that the people want to be successful in the first place?

We watched a Republican debate together as well. Other than falling in love with Mike Huckabee as a person, I think we were both fairly put off by everything we heard in that debate. Those candidates more closely resemble my learned negative impression of politicians. Instead of answering questions, they seem to just steer all conversation towards the talking points that they know how to talk about. Mike Huckabee is the exception, providing amazing answers that are on par with the Democratic candidates' responses to equally difficult questions, although obviously only in effectiveness, not content.

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