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Oh how I missed thee.

Tigers won 4-2 against Sacred Heart in their first home game since like... forever.

One of the SH players was badly hurt when he somehow got slammed up against the boards upside down and landed on his head. Play was stopped for a good 10 minutes while paramedics checked him out, demobilized his neck and transferred him to a stretcher. I hope he'll be ok. At least I saw him move his legs a little.

Another game tomorrow. If the Tigers sweep the weekend they'll have 2nd place for sure.

Our other project this weekend is to paint our master bedroom. Then our phase 1 of house updates will finally be done. Yay!

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They were here, 35 minutes away for two games during that time on the road/break and whatnot. I didn't get to see them either time. :( I'm a bad hockey fan. Boo.

That sounds kind of scary about the injury. :-\

And the Sabres won 10-1 to break a 10 game losing streak.


Yeah, Rocky was giving us updates during the RIT game. It was 7-1 when we left. But 10-1... Jeez! Who were they playing, Neumann?

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