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Well they finally fixed the E-ZPass-Only lane at the Victor entrance... it had been closed for the past month or so for who knows what reason. During rush-hour they've been manning it to hand out tickets but no E-Zpass. But today I noticed that the sign was back up and the lights were on for E-ZPass, so I went through it... and of course, the stupid thing didn't read my pass! Grr! And when I got off in Henrietta it didn't read there either. I wonder what kind of transaction that will show up as. We'll see. Maybe I'll just keep going through a staffed lane when I get on in Victor - that always got a successful read.

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Ahh, there are a few things we can still count on - the world is still a safe place. When those EZ passes start to really work - then we may have cause for concern.

Nicely put. :)

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