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Still no fan...

Jamie and I attempted to fix the ceiling fan in the living room this afternoon. It hasn't worked since a day after we installed it several months ago.

We suspected that when Jamie put it up the first time (I didn't help her then), since it was so difficult to push the motor housing into its bracket while also trying to tuck all the wires into a space way too tiny to hold them all, some part of the wiring may have come loose, out of a wire nut or something. Also, while she was putting it together she thought she had dropped a spare screw inside the motor housing, and when the blades spun it sounded like a really bad ball bearing, but she insisted it was just a screw rattling around.

Well when we took it down today and took it apart, we found the screw. So it's nice and quiet again. I helped her put it back up, so this time it was a bit easier, having one of us to hold and push the housing up into position while the other tucks all the wires into space. But after we got it back up and turn the power back on, it still wouldn't do anything.

My next idea was that the wall switch might be messing it up. It's a remote-controlled fan, and its remote holder is designed to cover up a normal wall switch that you just leave in the on position. But our wall switch that controls the fan's power is a dimmer switch. I thought that might be causing problems with the fan's circuitry, so I suggested swapping it with the switch next to it, which controls our porch light. When we got the switches out and looked at how they were wired, we became a bit confused. The dimmer switch has 2 wires. One of them is connected to the porch light switch, which has 3 wires.

So then I had an insane thought: 'What if they're wired in some stupid way such that the dimmer switch only has power when the porch light switch is on?' After all, we've seen stranger things in this house. So we put the switches back in the wall, turned the power back on and tried that... no luck.

At that point we gave up.

We might need to get a real electrician involved.

Earlier today our neighbors Willie and Diane came over to welcome us to the neighborhood with a nice pound cake. Jamie had met them outside before, and suggested that they should come visit after we've had a chance to finish most of the work we wanted to get done on the house. Today seemed like a good time because we just finished the guest room last week and that means just our bedroom is left now. So they got the grand tour today. Willie also wanted to hear me play piano but they didn't have time to stay that long today. We'll have to invite them back over another time for that. The pound cake is yummy! That was very cool of them.

Tomorrow we're going to Brady's baptism, followed by Macaroni Grill, and then it's off to my brother's house by 4pm to do Christmas with my family.
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