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Christmas 2007

Today we did Christmas with Jamie's family. Julie, Dave, Jamie and I chipped in to buy her parents a digital camera. But before we decided to do that, Julie and Dave had already ordered a present for me and Jamie. So the tag said it was from Owen and Brady instead. :)

Our new toaster!

Also, Jamie's parents gave me and Jamie some presents. We both got some ornaments.

My blue LED icicle ornaments

And I got a cool wood wick candle. It's "snowflake" scented... Well, it smells nice anyway, but I'm not sure snowflakes have a scent. :) It also makes a crackling sound while it burns.

My wood wick candle

We also each got a $25 gift certificate to Ruby Tuesday. (Mmm... smokehouse burgers.)

And of course Owen and Brady got lots of baby stuff.

Later we made cut-out cookies. Lina jumped up onto the counter while it was left unattended with the rolling pin, dough and flour all over it. And later she jumped up onto the counter that had the baked cookies cooling on it and walked all over them. *sigh*

My parents came over while we were finishing up a card game of "Hand and Foot". They brought some yummy pumpkin bread and cookies, plus some ornaments that my piano teacher had made for me years ago. My parents had always hung them on their tree, but now I get them because we have our own tree.

After my parents went home, Jamie and I went out to dinner at Red Robin with Julie and Dave while Owen and Brady were being watched by their grandparents.
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