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Our First Tree!
Looks like somebody's getting a kitty for Christmas. :)

From Our First Chr...

It was quite an adventure getting our tree. The Lowe's near us had this one on display but none boxed up to buy. So today we drove to the Lowe's in Webster just to find that they didn't even have this one on display. We tried Home Depot too, but didn't like any of theirs, so we went back to our Lowe's* and asked to buy the display model. They sold it to us for around 40% off. Sweet!

* I've decided we can call it that since half of our house came from there.

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Pretty kitty. And pretty tree! :)

Looks nice! I can't convince Don to want to get a tree... my family always had live ones, but I'd settle for a full sized fake one. Is yours listed online? Looks like kitty loves it :)

It's a "Just Cut Mystic Pine" pre-lit by GE, but I can't find it online anywhere. Even Lowe's doesn't list it on their site.

My parents always got live ones too... It was a tradition to go out and walk around a local farm looking for the perfect one and cut it down ourselves. Well, we used to cut it ourselves, but in recent years the farms got really fancy with tractors to drop you off in the area with trees of the type you want and haul the tree back to the drilling and wrapping station after you select it and wave down a guy on an ATV with a chainsaw to cut it down for you. Still fun though. :)

That is very odd that it isn't findable online now!

I must have REALLY bought the last one! :)

I doubt it was ever listed online. It wouldn't have disappeared from search engines that quickly. There would at least be a broken link somewhere.

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