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Deck The Halls

Today we went shopping around for Christmas decorations, and came home with a whole bunch of stuff for our tree. Except we don't have a tree. Yet. A week or two ago we checked out the artificial trees at Lowe's and were impressed with how the nicer ones actually have realistic-looking molded needles now, not the cheap green-confetti-twisted-into-pipe-cleaners kind. Of course they're expensive, but we can keep using it year after year instead of buying a new real one every year, so it could pay for itself. Plus we need something cat-friendly.

Anyway, when we went back to Lowe's today to actually buy a tree, the one we thought we liked wasn't on display anymore... But there was still one boxed up. Still, we didn't feel comfortable buying it without a fresh image of what it looks like compared to the others. But we opened the box and saw that the color of the needles isn't as nice as the others. So then we looked at the others and decided we liked another one better, but there weren't any of that kind in a box to actually buy. We'll try calling other Lowe's stores in the area tomorrow to see if they have it in stock.

Once we finally get a tree, we should have some fun decorating it. We're going for a snowy/frosty theme. Everything will be clear or white or silver, except for some blue mini-lights we're going to run up the inside along the trunk. The idea there is to make it resemble the way ice looks blue as you look deeper into it, like in glaciers. Or something. We'll see.
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