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Happy Thanksgiving
Jamie woke up feeling like she was hit by a bus this morning, and I've had a cough for a week that is probably bronchitis. Needless to say, we canceled our plans to drive down to PA to be with family for Thanksgiving.

I made us some chicken noodle soup for lunch and we just stayed in and watched football. Around 5 we decided to venture out to see what restaurants might be open. Our backup plan was to come back home and have the leftover pizza from a few days ago. Denny's was open - big surprise, but we'd probably prefer leftover pizza anyway. But then we noticed Ruby Tuesday was open! We thought surely it must be a private party or something, but nope, they were happy to seat us, and they were getting good business, what with being the only place open. Oh, there was Boston Market too for those who actually want turkey, but we didn't. We were happy to get food we love at Ruby Tuesday. I guess we're thankful they were open. :)

So now we'll just chill until we feel like going to bed. Keep drinking lots of liquids, getting lots of rest, yadda yadda.