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Flickering Light
The 3-way compact fluorescent behind me is flickering. It's practically brand new. Possibly defective.

Jamie is playing World of Warcraft behind me too (opposite the light).

I worked with Pete today, a former coworker. My boss brought him in for a few days while he searches for a new job. (His last employer went out of business.)

This year was supposed to be Jamie's turn to spend Thanksgiving with her family, but everyone else's plans just didn't work out in our favor, so we'll be visiting my grandparents in PA again.

I'm 30 and have four living grandparents. My oldest brother is 40 and has four living grandparents. My oldest niece is 14 and has four living great grandparents.

I have a sore throat. It's not fun. It isn't keeping me home from work though.

World of Warcraft's dying characters make amusing sounds.

The light is still flickering.

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I'm 35 and have no living grandparents :(

This is random.. but you look great, Opal! :)

I am down to 1 GP... but maybe it depends on ages? My grandpa was 93... Gramma's 83 or so... the other 2 smoked and I never really knew them.

Our 3-way CF light flickered too. Finally tossed it. I broke the other one trying to get it out of the stupid plastic packaging.

I have 2 grandmas and no grandpas, sean has 3 of 4.

So Connor and Samantha have 4 great grandmas and 1 great grandpa.

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