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Leaves: Raked
The trees in our back yard finally dropped most of their leaves so I figured this was a good time to rake.

Tigers beat Mercyhurst last night 3-2 in overtime... Woohoo! Split the series.

Also at Friday night's game Jamie and I got jerseys! Dr. Watters had donated a bunch of jerseys (of the $64 variety from the bookstore) to the Corner Crew, who decided to hand them out to members who had been with the crew for at least 2 years... But when Big Goon actually handed them out a few games ago and a lot of us raised our hands, he appended "...and is a current student." and most of us had to put our hands down. Well at Friday night's game one of the guys who stands next to Big Goon (Matt, I think?... the one with the cowbell who starts most of the classic cheers these days) came down to me and Jamie and said he's noticed that we've been coming to the games for years, and asked if we would like some jerseys. How awesome is that? :)

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Congrats on the jerseys! :-D And GO TIGERS!

(ps, you should post more often)

I have no idea what most of this post is saying. But I agree--you should post more. Oh, and raking leaves sucks.

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