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Moving Day
Shutting down.  Next post should be from the house!

But not for a few days... Stupid TW wouldn't schedule our hookup until the seller's scheduled to disconnect theirs.  So even though we called nearly a month ago, they wouldn't schedule us until last week, by which they couldn't give us the installation date we wanted (today).  No sense whatsoever.

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Well, there's one thing that Comcast let me do... mostly because the previous owner hadn't paid his bill in 6 months... I think they were looking forward to having someone new. :-P

Good luck! Wish I was there to help you lug boxes and such (no, really, I do). :-)

Heh, we didn't have to lug a single box. :) Professional movers are awesome. But even they struggled with Jamie's corner armoire computer desk. No way would I have wanted my friends attempting that! But it's the thought that counts, so thanks. :)

Yeah I had the same problem with TW when I moved into the new apartment last year... they wouldn't setup the new account until after the other one had been disconnected. Seems rediculous to me too.

That's when you contact the previous owner/tenant and ask them to just transfer it to your name instead of cancelling. Or doesn't TW charge an installation fee?

In our case I don't think the previous owners had digital cable, because when the guy came to do the installation today, he decided to run all new cable from the pole to the house and install new jacks in the house because the existing cables couldn't carry the high bandwidth. Fortunately there was no extra charge for that. But they do have a flat installation fee.

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