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Kitchen Almost Done

Feet.  Hurt.  Can't.  Stand.  Or.  Form.  Multi.  Word.  Sentences.

OK I'll tough it out to write this entry.  :)  Yesterday before I got to the house, Jamie finished stripping the rest of the wallpaper from the dining room and was spackling the mess it left behind.  I only managed to get drop cloths taped down over the rest of the kitchen floor and appliances/counters before we decided to go out shopping.  We spent nearly another $500 at Lowe's, but we saved 10% with a coupon, and we found an amazing bathroom light/fan for just $20-something, marked down from around $100!  It was definitely the best one in the selection and we would have gotten it anyway just because we liked it, but we were elated to find out it was 1/4 as cheap as any other!  We also went to Target to pick up our shower curtain and Big Lots to get some painting supplies and an extension cord for the power sander we got at Lowe's, then grabbed dinner at Subway next door and headed back to the house.

While I worked on finishing the edging in the kitchen, Jamie got to work sanding the dining room walls.  We realized it's not ieal to be sending dust into the air in a room adjacent to one with wet paint on the walls, but we just couldn't afford to delay either one.  She finished sanding just shortly before I finished painting the kitchen walls with the roller.  Then I picked up my Gatorade bottle that was sitting on our nice new black range and saw the color where dust hadn't settled on it.  Eww.  :)  So today Jamie will work on wiping the dust off all our new appliances.  We should have covered them.  Oh well.  The sander is supposed to vacuum up a lot of the dust it creates, and we had all the doors and windows open, but it was still quite dusty.

When I get there this afternoon, we'll take a look at the kitchen walls and decide whether or not it needs a second coat of paint rolled on.  The edging needed two coats because the brush strokes let the white show through from underneath, but I'm hoping the roller's results will be better with just one coat.  I touched up what few areas I saw with a little white showing through last night.  If the walls look good, I guess today I'll tape off and paint the white trim in the kitchen, and then we can finally install the appliances.  And/or if Jamie has the dining room primed, I'll work on painting that.

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Reading your recent posts is making me tired.

You are making me glad that we bought a brand new house. :x

(Even if we do have to pay to landscape the backyard)

One of the most annoying things is how nothing is standard. The dishwasher hookup is on the right-hand side, where the new dishwasher expects it on the left. The wires for the range hood come through a hole in the wall on the left-hand side, where the new range hood expects it on the right. Who knows what else we'll find!

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