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More House Stuff

This morning Jamie worked on removing the dining room wallpaper, and only got the top layer removed from about 2 panels by the time I got there in the afternoon.  I started taping off the cabinets and ceiling to get ready to paint the kitchen walls, then when Jamie got the rest of the top layer of wallpaper off we went out to dinner and to Home Depot to pick up some Dif to spray on the paper backing and loosen the adhesive so we could scrape it off.  Jamie worked on that while I started painting the edging in the kitchen.  I got about half of it edged in, but it's the half that has most of the cabinets, so the rest should go faster.  It might need a second coat though...  the brush strokes are leaving streaks of the white showing through, and our new color isn't even very dark.  Hopefully the parts done with a roller will only need one coat though.  Jamie only got a few panels of backing scraped off before she started feeling ill and we decided to call it a night early.  So that's where we'll pick up again with things tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get the rest of the kitchen painted and trimmed so we can install the appliances properly.  Then all that will be remaining in that room is the cabinets, which we plan to re-stain eventually, but for now we'll probably just settle for new hardware.

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