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House Update

Sunday didn't go quite as planned, but we're finding that's the norm for this house.

I painted the kitchen ceiling with this cool paint roller that sucks the paint into the long tube handle, so it's both easy to reach the ceiling without a step ladder and you just squeeze a trigger to get more paint onto the roller.  Still, it was hard work.  I was basically holding up the ceiling for an hour.  (It's textured, so I had to press hard.)

We only got two of the 6 dining room chairs assembled before my screw gun lost its charge.  The wood screws are just too hard to turn by hand.  So after Jamie installed the new ceiling light in the kitchen, which looks awesome, we went to tackle the vinyl floor in the kitchen.  Bad news.  It looks like it's glued right down to the subfloor, which I guess would be normal, but when we try to peel it up it just peels off the top layer like old wallpaper or a shiny sticker.  We decided to leave it there and just use a staple gun to tack down the corners that are peeling up so the peel'n'stick tiles can lie flat on top of them.  Hopefully the added height wouldn't be an issue for the dishwasher and the border strip between the kitchen floor and hardwood floor in the dining room.  We stuck down all of the whole tiles but we didn't have a good straight-edge to score the tiles that need to be snapped down to size for the edges.

Monday, I spent a half day at work in the morning while Jamie went back to the house.  She assembled the rest of the dining room chairs and spackled and sanded some more before I got there at around 1pm.  She had brought her level so I was able to use that for scoring the tiles and I finished the rest of the kitchen floor.  Aside from unusable scrap, we had not a single extra tile.  Looks like we measured right.  :)  While I did that, I took breaks to help Jamie remove the chandelier from the living room.  This hideous thing was installed without a junction box of any sort.  Apparently that's why the last owners never tried to take it down.  Jamie went to Lowe's to ask for help and get parts to install a junction box, and came back with one that straddles a joist so it's good at holding the weight of a ceiling fan.  She got that installed and then painting the living room ceiling.  It was really difficult to see though, even though she got the ceiling paint that goes on pink and dries white to help you see where you've painted, because it was rainy and dull light outside and no living room light installed yet.

After that we assembled the dining room table to make sure it didn't need to be returned (today is actually the last day of the return window) but it looks perfect.  One thing that finally went well.  :)  But then, it wasn't part of the house - we brought it there.  Then we moved the new appliances onto the new kitchen floor so Jamie would have time working on the wallpaper in the dining room and painting both the living and dining room today.

Jamie took this whole week off, but I'll probably work mornings this whole week and help Jamie work on the house in the afternoons.  That's the plan for today again, at least.  Hopefully we'll get the kitchen and dining room painted today so we can install the appliances.  The rest of the house will hopefully be easier.  Just paint.

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