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Home Owner Update

So, I'm a home owner, as promised!  :)

We closed on the house Friday morning...  Lots of signing and initialing.  The sellers still have a few things lying around in/around the garage and the yard.  That doesn't impact our plans though so it doesn't bother us.  They're supposed to come back today to get the rest of it.

After closing, we loaded up the car with some things we wanted to bring over right away, such as slip covers and curtains to which we want to match paint colors, and our dining room furniture that we have to assemble today to make sure it's ok before the 30-day return window is up.  Then we went to Lowe's and opened a project card with a $5000 limit.  We walked around the store for 5 hours with a shopping card and a large flatbed cart and loaded it up with what we could before heading to the appliance section to order our new range, dishwasher and fridge.  When we checked out, the total came to $4800-something.  We rock.  :)  Plus they scheduled delivery of the appliances for the very next day so that was awesome.  So then we drove that stuff over to the house and unloaded it - mostly into the garage - and went out for a late dinner at Outback Steakhouse on the way back to bed.

Saturday we got a nice early start and headed over to the house to start disconnecting the old dishwasher and range, which we had to do ourselves for the Lowe's delivery truck to haul them away for us.  The dishwasher was disgusting and frustratingly non-standard with its connections because it's so old...  The house was built in 1971 but somehow the dishwasher looks older, even though it appears that the cabinets were not originally designed to have space for it.  We finally got it out after destroying some of its components that were in the way.  We had to disconnect the water supply higher up into the dishwasher's components than our DIY instructions said because we just couldn't get access or leverage on the nut we were supposed to loosen.  So when we finally had the dishwasher out, we had a little clump of parts still stuck to the end of the water supply pipe.  :)  But without the entire dishwasher in the way it was then much easier to get it off properly.

Next we got to work on the range.  We pulled it away from the wall and crawled behind to turn off the gas valve.  Not willing to trust the valve though, we tested a burner to make sure no gas would light and we heard no hissing and smelled nothing.  Once that confirmation made us feel safe, we disconnected the gas from the back of the range, unplugged the power and moved it out to the center of the kitchen with the dishwasher.  We had to leave the flexible gas line that was there even though it doesn't meet current code (supposed to be wrapped in yellow or something) because its connection to the valve is too tight...  We were putting so much pressure on the wrench trying to loosen it that we were afraid the pipe would break below the floor, and below the cut-off valve, which would be bad.  We'll make ourselves a note to have someone come out and fix that properly later, as well as the wiring for the appliance outlets, which looks very unsafe to us.

Lastly we tackled replacing the kitchen sink, which consumed the remainder of the day.  The old one was porcelain and apparently original to the house.  It had about 237 clips holding it to the counter, when we expected about 4 or 8.  And several of them were so old and corroded we almost couldn't get them unscrewed.  After we finally got the old sink out and assembled our nice new stainless steel sink and fancy faucet, we discovered that the water supply and drain pipe connections were about 2 inches too short to reach the new sink (even though we measured and bought one of the same basin depth).  So we had to make several trips back and forth to Lowe's to figure out how to do the plumbing properly.  The old lines had no shut-off valves, so we got 2 of those, 2 flexi-hose supply lines, a new drain pipe, and a pipe cutter.  We installed all that stuff, then tried the water slowly and, after fixing a small problem with something we didn't tighten well enough on the new faucet, there was no dripping!  Hooray.  :)  It was about 11:10 when we drove back to go to bed.

Today we hope to get a lot of painting done, assemble the dining room furniture, install some light fixtures and replace the kitchen floor (pull up vinyl and lay down peel'n'stick travertine-looking tiles.  We're both hoping the rest of the work will be much easier than yesterday's.  While we didn't get as much done yesterday as we would have hoped, we felt very productive in that we learned a lot, and that feels better than just paying someone to do it all for us.

And now, we're going out for breakfast.

By the way, Happy Birthday mountainheather!  :)
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