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The seller's rejected our initial offer for $2k below list plus 3% concessions, then counter-offered at list price with 3%. We initially rejected their counter, but then decided to make a counter-counter of list price with 3% plus the washer & dryer included. They accepted that!

Jamie and I had gone out for a late lunch at Ruby Tuesday. After dashing from the restaurant to the car in pouring rain, I felt my phone vibrating. It was our agent calling to tell us they verbally accepted our counter-counter offer. So then we sat there in the car and called our families to give them the news while it rained and thundered outside. One bolt of lighting shot right across our view as we were both staring out the sun roof.

We still had to go sign our counter-counter offer at our agent's office to make it official, but we had 15 minutes to kill before then, so we used it to go drive by the house. :)

After signing our lives away, we went out to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3, and then got ice cream at Friendly's afterward.

Pretty good day. :)
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