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House Hunting
I know, I'm TERRIBLE with the updates...

Well, at least I won't let this one slip by...  Jamie and I have been looking at houses lately, and yesterday we visited this one:


We really can't find anything wrong with it...  other than the lack of a "wow factor" to make us excited about it...  but it meets all of our requirements, and we can afford it, so we're seriously thinking of making an offer.

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Looks nifty... how long have you two been looking?

Around 2 months... and we've visited about 6 houses.

It looks and sounds nice. A good place to start at least. Looks like a tri-level? We saw a lot of them here - the one for sale in our neighborhood has been reduced to $260,000ish.

The house we just bought is a tri-level. It's nice. :) How long did you think you would be living there? You should probably think about things like the school district and stuff, just for the sake of knowing resale value etc. Even with kids, we didn't think of looking at that stuff until we saw a house we liked, then we shut it down because 1.) we wouldn't want to send our kids there and 2.) It would be hard to resell later because the school was just that bad. :P

Yeah, we've been considering school districts. If we planned on having kids, we'd definitely want to be in the Brighton school district, but since we're not, we want to avoid it because of the higher taxes.

What really amuses me is that that house is about the same size as our house, but our house was about $80,000 more. But our taxes are about half of yours. My parents and I were commenting on that. Housing out here is way more expensive, but the tax difference sort of makes up for it. Kind of. :P

not bad

that's a pretty nice house. house hunting must be a pretty daunting task. Well at least it seems like you found a winner? or at least something halfway decent. well more than halfway decent actually. You should check out Bought and Sold on HGTV. It follows people that go thru the house hunting process like you, and also some of the things that some agents go thru just to close the deal. It's a pretty fun show, and u could probably relate to the show. Check it out Sundays at 10, or u can check it out online here
http://web.hgtv.com/webhgtv/images/pac/59889/start_at_home.html?section=boughtsold,panel=videos i work with them so i know. :D

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