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I love it here...
Tony: Anybody seen Jay?
Don: He went to pick up the bagels.
Tony: His coat's here.
Don: He didn't wear his coat - it's too slow.

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Why would he need a coat? It's 16 degrees in Rochester - Practically a heat wave! ;-P

Only 16? Wow, it feels warmer. How sad is that? :)

"It's Louie! Louie Vincinzi from San Francisco! How was she? Man's so fast, he doesn't wear pants, it slows him down. Don't get him mad!" - My Blue Heaven

Yeah, except Jay's only fast when food is involved. :)

If he's that fast get him to bring some bagels down here! :)

Well as it turns out, that's not where he was. We just enjoyed joking that it was. :)

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