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Broken Kitty :(

Less than 24 hours after our kitty got her stitches out from being "fixed", she decided to break her leg.

She used up at least 3 of her lives Friday morning.  First she almost fell down the stairwell from the ledge that overlooks the deepest part, but saved herself by digging her claws into the carpet.  Then she jumped from the edge of the sink, across the kitchen and up to the top of the fridge (about 4 feet out and 3 feet up), nearly missing the landing.  Even Tobey has never attempted that, and he's way bigger and stronger.  Then while she was up there, she decided to jump to the slanted range hood about 2 feet out.  Of course she slid off the front and fell onto the front of the stove, but there was nothing for her claws to grab there, so she kept falling all the way to the floor.  Somewhere along the way, she fractured a bone in her back right leg.  During all of that, I was on the treadmill with a limited view of her.  I was almost done and was going to get her down from the fridge as soon as I stopped, but she made her leap first.

So now she has a soft cast on her leg from hip to toe, and will need to live with that for the next 6-8 weeks.  She's also not allowed to roam free around the house, so we had to get her a large dog crate with room for her food and litter box.  We feel so bad for her being confined in there for these first months of her life.  :(

Thanks to everyone who suggested names for her in my poll.  We still haven't decided...  So feel free to suggest other ones based on what you know of her qualities now.  :)  I was thinking something like Buzz, as in Lightyear, for trying to leap out the window from the top of the fridge.  Or Kerri, as in Strug, for breaking her leg on the landing.  Jamie has suggested so many names already but none of them get any sort of reaction from me, I guess because they all just seem random instead of fitting.  I think cats are supposed to be named for how they look or how they act.

In other news, I bought Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz for the Wii yesterday because it got great reviews.  Well, I don't know how.  The game is terribly unintuitive and frustrating for its poor design.  First, the directions for the controls are on multiple pages that automatically flip between each other so you don't have enough time to read them.  Then, when you try to actually play, the system doesn't respond to the motions it told you to use.  A few boards weren't as bad in that respect, but I wouldn't call any of them fun, and isn't that the point of playing a game?  Today we traded in the game at EB and put the $20 credit towards Excite Truck, which got lower reviews, but from what I've played of it so far is 10 times better.
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