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Man, it's such an awesome day, but our volleyball plans got cancelled. Now were just watching a movie instead. What a great use of this wonderful weather. :(

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How awful. Why did your ball game get cancelled? Watching movies should certainly be reserved for the plentiful rainy days, and outdoor activities should occur during those few days we get the opportunity.

Well at first I heard it was because Kathy's back wasn't feeling good, and I could respect that. But then once I got to her place to watch the movie, and I was the first one there so we talked a little, I discovered that that wasn't the reason! Apparently the other guys backed out just because they didn't feel like it... I think they were afraid the sand would be wet after the rain or something! That's even more disappointing. :( Especially since I was lied to - it sounded like Kathy was actually all for a game, contrary to what I was originally told by one of the other guys. Grrrrr!

Oh-Oh. Things don't sound good at all, do they?Lies were certainly uncalled for, and in this matter couldn't have helped the situation at all.

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