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Merry Christmas!
Best Gift Ever... jhoover got me 3 huge cans of Borders Vanilla Chai mix!

On a day she said she had a "President's Party" to go to at work in the afternoon that would last later than her usual work day (which was true), she called the Borders in Syracuse (the only one we know that hasn't replaced its cafe with Seattle's Best yet) and asked if they had any cans of chai. They said they had 3 cans and would hold them for her, so she skipped her work party and drove to Syracuse to get it. She was elated that the cans they had were actually 3 large cans. We exchanged gifts Saturday with her family here. I got her some toe socks, which she guessed correctly before opening. I had no clue what was in store for me. When I opened it, a look of disbelief on my face made tears of joy on hers.

I'm pretty sure she likes me. :)

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Now that's an awesome girlfriend ;-) Merry Christmas Dan!

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