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So, after 13 years of driving, I finally had my first accident as a driver today. Lucky 13 I guess.

I'm fine and the other driver is fine and we were the only ones involved. Just a silly little bump. My bumper got pushed in on one side and so the other side popped out a little - probably easily fixed. Her bumper looks fine except for a little scratch.

I left work early today because we were having Julie, Dave & Owen over for dinner and I had to make the Sausage & Pepper Classico. I normally take surface streets home from work, but today there was a bicyclist riding in the right lane, forcing all the cars to go around in the left lane, except by the time I got there, the left lane became a line of cars waiting to turn left onto the freeway. So I went that way instead.

One exit later down the 3-lane highway, the right lane was getting backed up and I was slowing down with them, but I noticed that nobody was in the middle lane from what I could tell in my mirrors, so I decided to move over there. Normal lane change instinct took over and I checked my blind spot. All clear. When I looked forward again less than a second later, the minivan that was decelerating at the same rate as I was before my blind spot check was now stopped 10 feet away from me, but with the pressure I already had on the brake I needed about 25 feet to come to a stop. With the added panic braking I probably would've come to a stop within 11 feet if I hadn't hit her. So yeah, just a bump.

Being in the right lane, we easily pulled over to the shoulder to take care of things. I used my On*Star button to get police on the scene to write up an accident report. We also traded information while we waited. She was very nice about everything. I don't think my insurance will be getting a claim about her scratched bumper. Even the officer who wrote up our report didn't seem to think it was worth it and said he wouldn't be filing the report with our insurance companies or anything so it's all up to us. I certainly have nothing to claim from her, so it's really up to her.

Now I just need to see about my bumper. It might just push back into place, but if not I guess I should get it looked at and figure out if I need to get my insurance involved. It would be a shame to lose my huge accident-free discount though.

Anyway, I made it home at my usual time and made dinner for everyone and it was yummy. We watched Boondock Saints.
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