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First of all, I'm excited that Weird Al is releasing a new album in a month. (I've seen several people post a link to his Don't Download This Song site.)

But then I went to his site to find out what else is going on, and noticed that he also wrote another song for the album but didn't include it because James Blunt asked him not to. But the song is available now as a free download. Check it out... You're Pitiful

I also downloaded the album wallpaper available from his site and signed up for his mailing list... I'm not sure why I hadn't done that long ago.

In other news, I saw jediagent playing with the LoCash Cowboys Saturday night at The Roost. I also got to see a bunch of other friends who went there to see him as well, including quilynn and travelchick78. If it wasn't for the fact that Jamie and I had just gotten back into town from 8 hours of driving, we might have enjoyed ourselves. We just weren't in the mood to take in a concert, but I forced myself to go anyway because I hadn't seen Ryan in way too long, and there's no telling when his band will tour around here again.

Jamie and I stood up in the balcony for the whole show, which lasted an entire 3 hours without a single break. I respect any band for being able to play for that long, but it meant that there was no chance of me saying hi to Ryan so we could take off early. Also, the sound system was way louder than it needed to be, and by the end of 3 hours you wish you had had ear plugs for the last 2.5. I don't want to know how much permanent damage I did to my ears there. I certainly don't envy the people who were standing down on the floor, literally inches from the speakers. But then maybe they were already deaf because they didn't seem to be bothered by it. When it was finally over we went down to meet Ryan, and then everyone was just kind of standing around yelling at each other over the line dancing music they had started playing already, so I had no chance in hell of yelling loud enough to say bye to even the 4 friends nearest to me. I felt bad for doing so, but Jamie and I just had to walk away without saying bye to anyone. So to those of you I left hanging, I'm sorry.

We couldn't wait to get out of there, but it wasn't the band's fault. They seemed very entertaining. I hope next time I see them under better circumstances.

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He'll be back in Buffalo around the end of the year. Check ryanjones.net

It was nice to see you, however briefly! :-)

I don't know about you but my ears still feel funny. Of course, I have acold and they felt funny before the show, too, but that awful loudness didn't help. Next concert I'm definitely investing in earplugs.

It was awesome seeing you, too! I heard that you all went out to Denny's afterward... It would've been nice to join you there so we could talk in a setting more conducive to conversation. :)

Hey Dan, it was great seeing you @ the show! I wish we had more time to catch up and chat, but I completely understand how you were feeling after driving all day. Good news though, I'll be back in Rochester on Sept. 20th and in Buffalo Sept. 21st! If you've got time after the show, I'd love to do Denny's or if you have time beforehand that'd be really cool too. I'll keep you posted on our schedule.

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