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McDonald's Update
An update to my previous post...

I got a letter back from McDonald's! Not a form letter, mind you. My first response was an auto-reply when I submitted my complaint online. My second response was someone actually reading that complaint and saying they'd forward it to the local branch. And now I actually got this well-written letter:

(McDonald's logo)

Sharel Ventures, LLC
3300 Monroe Avenue, #14, Suite 327
Rochester, New York 14618
(585) 248-3330

July 18, 2006

Mr. Daniel Price
434 Eastbrooke Ln.
Rochester, NY 14618

Dear Mr. Price,

Thank you for taking the time to let me know about your recent experience at our West Henrietta McDonald's. As the supervisor of this restaurant, I'm sorry for the experience you had.

Many steps are taken in our employee hiring to ensure that every customer receives friendly and courteous service. Our goal is 100-percent customer satisfaction and that means friendly service without exception. Breakfast should be served until 11:00am on Saturday and Sunday and 10:30 am on the other days. We've let you down and for that I apologize.

I have discussed your experience with my restaurant team. Be assured we're taking corrective action so a similar incident will not reoccur.

Again, thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to my attention. The best way we can improve is if people who aren't satisfied tell us so and tell us why. You've given me the opportunity to make my restaurant better and hopefully we'll exceed your expectations on your next visit.

Please give us another chance and "be my guest" with the enclosed certificates. I look forward to serving you better in the future.



C. Steven Hurlburt


And there were two coupons enclosed for a free breakfast!

Sweet. :)

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Woo! That is very impressive that it got that far. Cool. Free-ness.

Just make sure you get there on time to use them :)

yeah, make sure to buy more crap to shove into your arteries and screw with your body chemistry.


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